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NEW VIDEO! Going Green – Sky Factory Switches to 104% Solar Energy

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VIDEO: The Sky Factory, a global fine art and technology company based in Fairfield, Iowa, becomes Iowa’s first net-zero solar powered business.

More Music than Man: Week 2 as a Beauty Shop Music Resident

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By Nate Logsdon

Wild Sustainability

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By Ron Khare. “This is how I suggested we approach the land – just like I would enter someone’s house, as a guest.”

Garden Lasagna Recipe by Heli-Claire Witherspoon

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Learn Heli-Claire Witherspoon’s secrets to what will likely be the best lasagna you will ever have in your life.

Groundbreaking Sustainable Living Center a Source of Pride in Fairfield

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Featured on

Oprah Visits America’s Most Unusual Town

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Fairfield Iowa and the Transcendental Meditation community were featured on Oprah’s Next Chapter!

What is Worth Sustaining?

Posted by on March 15, 2012 with 4 Comments

By Ron Khare: “The purpose of this post is to discuss how human life is the key to sustaining all life on the planet, and how any advantage that harms the planet simply is not worth it.”

Fashion-Loving Students Start Local Business

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“Chamolie Thomson and Grace Hartnett have been in love with fashion for as long as they can remember. “

SHORT FILM: Fairfield Art Walk and Film Festival

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Including PeacetownUSA’s first ever video roundup of the Artwalk!!

Little Ruckus on the Road: Journal Entry 2

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“Week two of touring has brought us to that area of the country just under the Midwest known as the south!”