Sacred Intersection: Paul Horn Performs Inside the Golden Dome

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Sacred Intersection: Paul Horn Meets the Golden Dome in Historic Concert – May 15

By Michael Sternfeld

Renowned jazz flautist Paul Horn at the Golden Dome

The Taj Mahal. The Great Pyramid. Just the sound of these names invokes a quality of the sacred.

Paul Horn pioneered the whole idea of performing in these sacred spaces over 40 years ago,

and as long as Paul Horn and the Golden Dome were on the same planet it was inevitable that

these two would come together… And now they are, as Paul Horn takes the stage in a historic

performance on Sunday evening, May 15 at 7:45 pm, “Inside the Golden Dome: Paul Horn &


Paul will be joined by his wife, beloved Canadian singer/poet Ann Mortifee, whom renowned

psychiatrist Marion Woodman praised, “Ann’s voice startles us, and we wake up to our own

Soul”; Ed Sarath, University of Michigan professor and world-class flugelhorn player; and special

guest Eugene Watts, founder of the popular and quirky Canadian Brass, the world’s leading

brass ensemble with over 80 CDs and DVDs. This concert is the grand finale of the “Music &

Consciousness Symposium” being held at MUM during the weekend of May 14 & 15 (see sidebar).

Back to Paul, I first met Paul at the David Lynch Foundation’s “Paul McCartney & Friends” concert

at Radio City two years ago. With the crowd clamoring for the much-anticipated Beatle reunion

of Paul and Ringo, Paul Horn and his golden flute took the stage. Within seconds, Paul and his

ethereal sounds brought the buzzing audience to a state of awed silence.

This is the artistry that has made Paul a world-class musician, with an illustrious career spanning

five decades, fifty albums, five Grammy nominations, and two Grammy awards. He has played his

golden flute both as a solo artist and with the likes of Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Frank Sinatra,

Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett, Buddy Rich, Chick Corea, Donovan, Quincy Jones, and Ravi


At the peak of Paul’s jazz career in LA, he began the practice of Transcendental Meditation and

journeyed to the Himalayas to study with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi at the same time as the Beatles

and Donovan. After this experience, Paul was inspired to play his flute inside the famous Taj

Mahal. This improvisational performance ushered in a new era of contemplative and meditative

music. “Inside the Taj Mahal” became the seminal recording of this new genre of music, and Paul

became known as the “Father of New Age Music”.

Presented by the David Lynch Foundation and the MUM Music Program. Tickets are available in

advance (strongly recommended to avoid long lines at the door) at the MUM Bookstore and The

Chocolate Café, on the Square.

Special Event: “Paul Horn Reminisces” on Tuesday, May 10 at 8 pm. Join Paul in an intimate

evening, as Paul reminisces about his early days with Maharishi, tell stories what it was like being

in Rishikesh with the Beatles and Donovan, and talks about his role helping launch the North

American TM Movement as one of Maharishi’s first dozen teachers in the West. A free event, open to the whole community. Dalby Hall, MUM Argiro Student Center.

Follow this link to hear more about the Music & Consciousness Symposium May 14 & 15:

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